How To Help

Sleepover Program

The sleepover program is a fun and easy way to get involved in animal rescue. Grab a dog and let it crash on your couch for a few days. More info here.


Would you like to open your home to a mama cat and newborn kittens or a heartbroken dog whose owner has just passed away? Huntsville Animal Services always needs more fosters and will work to make sure the animal you have is a good fit for you. Usually a foster animal will be with you two or three weeks but with kittens and puppies it can be longer. There is an application and more info here.


Does “volunteer” sound like you are going to have to get up early on a Saturday morning? Not here! There is no set schedule and no set tasks. The volunteer program at Huntsville Animal Services is designed for people who would like to help but don’t want to be locked into a commitment. Basically, anytime the shelter is open come in and do anything you think will brighten a dog or cat’s day. Volunteers can even check out a dog for the day to take to the park or to Krystal to get a cheeseburger! More information here.

Amazon Wishlist

The shelter always needs supplies, especially rawhide chews to help the dogs with boredom and tasty training treats to help reach out to a terrified dog. Huntsville Animal Services has an Amazon Wish List where you can buy supplies and they will be delivered directly to the shelter. The Wish List is here.

Donate Supplies

There is a list of commonly needed supplies here.

Financial Donations

Huntsville Animal Services Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that funds medical care of special needs animals as well as special projects in the community. Donations can be made online here.